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Get a glimpse of the "KitchenTown-Feeling" our clients love and gain insights in some of our past projects. 


Some of our projects are subject to confidentiality. We only publish insights about our projects if the communication is approved by our client.

Solution Development Sprint


In a five-month project with a leading German dairy company, KitchenTown explored the untapped potential of a new product category with an interdisciplinary project team across three target markets.

    5 Months
    11-22 People across 3 Markets
    More than 70 Ideas, 12 Concepts, 12 finished Prototypes and 2 validated Platforms
KitchenTown Innovation Project
  • Challenge

    In previous market research, our client identified an emerging product category in the dairy sector with as yet untapped potential. In the joint project with KitchenTown, this was to be explored from various points of view: Which customer needs are hidden behind it, especially with regard to the hierarchical classification of the three core influencing factors "taste", "health" and "sustainability"? How could an innovative product portfolio be designed within the category? How can we reduce the time-to-market while validating the potential and maximizing the chances of success / minimizing risks? How must the international brand be designed in order to appear credibly authentic and transparent?

  • KitchenTown Approach

    To holistically address the various aspects of the project requirements, KitchenTown chose an 8-step co-creation format with suitable validation steps at various points during the project. This included the following components:
    ● Status quo analysis  ● Identification of consumer insights  ● Development of a brand framework ● Idea development together with the international, interdisciplinary, 11-22-member project team (depending on the stage of the project)● Concept and recipe development ● Qualitative concept validation in 3 markets ● Joint prototyping on-site in Berlin ● Quick validation with food experts from the KitchenTown network in Berlin  ● Quantitative validation with tastings in 3 markets ● Detailed project documentation incl. development of strategic recommendations for further implementation  

  • course of the project

    After defining the consumer insights and developing a brand framework, we developed more than 70 product ideas during a two-day ideation workshop. The product concepts derived from this, which were further elaborated and validated with the help of focus groups, were then brought to life through our holistic prototyping at product, packaging and brand level live on site at KitchenTown together with the client. Immediately afterwards, the finished prototypes were tested and validated not only by the project team, but also by experts from the KitchenTown network. For additional quantitative validation, an external market research agency was brought in to conduct consumer surveys in the three target markets.

  • Results after 5 months

    The project resulted in not one, but two promising pre-validated product platforms that the client can tap into with the new brand, with validated product concepts including formulations within each platform.

    ● The basic framework of an international brand
    ● Two pre-validated product platforms.
    ● Validated prototypes in both platforms
    ● More than 70 ideas, 12 elaborated product concepts including visualization, 12 developed prototypes in more than 30 variants in the backlog
    ● Smooth handover incl. strategic elaboration on how to further exploit opportunities 
    ● New impulses, agile methodologies and ways of working, which the customer will implement in the company in the long term. 

  • project team

    The interdisciplinary project team, which consisted of 11 people at the core and in between up to 22 people (especially for the workshops), consisted of:  
    KitchenTown ● Innovation experts ● Food technologists 
    Customer ● Product developers ● Brand Manager ● Innovation Manager ● Marketing & PD representatives from 3 target markets 
    Experts from the KitchenTown network, who were involved in the process on a selective basis ● Founders and food experts● Packaging expert ● Scribbler ● International brand and market research agency 

WHat we Bring To the table.


Fast Execution

Significantly faster Innovation processes.


Risk Reduction

Lean philosophy in order to learn, fail and iterate fast.



Smooth experience along the project.



Joint problem solving and can-do attitude



Involving experts from the start-up ecosystem

WHAT our clients say.

‘It made it easier to relate to each process. Each of us was a creator of the products.’

Country Manager
International Dairy Company

‘KitchenTown is open, inspires, doesn't work only on the brief but brings inspiration and lets us discover by ourselves.’

Managing Director
Convenience Food Company

‘The very good planning & relaxed atmosphere helped a lot. There was so much to do but it didn't feel like this thanks to your great facilitation.’

Project LeadInternational Dairy Company


KitchenTown Innovation Process

Our Innovation Process

Working with hundreds of start-ups, we have identified patterns of success. Our execution-focused innovation process is tailored to the specific requirements that must be met in order to develop successful innovations in the food industry.

KitchenTown New Product Development

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Do you already have a concrete innovation idea and want to develop the right product quickly, efficiently and successfully? Find out how you can easily outsource your product development project to us. 

Our strong Innovation team.

KitchenTown Berlin_Lukas Neuß – Co-Founder & CEO

Lukas Neuß

Co-Founder & CEO

KitchenTown Berlin_Katharina Petereit – COO & Food Technologist

Katharina Petereit

COO & Food Technologist

KitchenTown Berlin_Verena Fein – Head of Innovation

Verena Fein

Head of Innovation & Project Manager

KitchenTown Katrin Schulze Innovation & Project Manager

Katrin Schulze

Innovation & Project ManageR

KitchenTown Linda Ding Food Technologist

Linda Ding

Food TEchnologist