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Our Services for STart-ups.

We provide a vast range of services, capabilities and expertise to individual founders and up-and-coming start-ups..

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Improve your efficiency & Connect with like-minded People.

👉 Our co-working space offers everything you need to let your ideas spark, enter the right workflow and conquer the market.

We offer desks for teams and individuals. Our plans are flexible and meet your needs as you grow. Our workspace facilitates collaboration between foodies, entrepreneurs and everyone in between.

    Up to 24/7 access to the office
    Near Alexanderplatz in Berlin
    High speed internet
    Great community of like-minded entrepreneurs
    Printer, scanner, coffee, water, fruits
    Meeting rooms & phone booths
    Member only events
    Starting at 79,00 € per month
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Mentoring from Experts – right when you need it.

👉 Having a great idea for a start-up is one thing but making it a reality is another. That’s where we come in.
About our mentoring membershipOur start-up mentoring membership is designed to support you and your business every step of the way. From concept to proof-of-concept, our experts in fields such as financing, go-to-market, brand strategy and product development will be there for you in bi-weekly sessions, to help conceptualize and execute your ideas and visions.
Want to broaden your network?By becoming a member of KitchenTown, you’ll automatically get access to our internal slack channels. Introduce yourself to the community and start networking right away.

    Bi-weekly expert sessions
    Progress project management tool
    Additional modules
    Great community of like-minded entrepreneurs
    Member only events
    229,00 € per month
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We'll get things done for you.

👉 Outsource specific challenges that you face throughout the launch process and cause difficulties to us. We solve problems and get things up and running for you. 
This could be, developing a scalable recipe, a valid value proposition, organizing and conducting sensory tastings or finding a suitable contract manufacturer for your product.
Facing a current challenge?

    We’re happy to talk about solutions with you!
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create awesome Food Innovations at our space.

👉 In our fully equipped product development there are almost no limits and enough space and flexibility to turn your vision into a finished product.

Benefit from professional equipment, scientific methods and a community of skilled professionals. Seamlessly integrated with the co-working area, you can easily co-create with your team members, partners or clients

    Scientifically equipped lab
    Choose between 10 or 20 hours of usage per month
    +50 pieces of equipment
    High speed internet
    Printer, scanner, coffee, water, fruits
    Great community of like-minded visionairies
    Member only events
    Starting at 320,00 € per month

This is what we do.

KitchenTown Berlin is the food innovation hub that enables F&B companies to develop and commercialize impact-driven products. We offer mentoring for start-ups in product development and strategy, as well as navigate the entire idea-to-market process for companies of all sizes and launch transformative solutions with them. 
We are committed to creating a better future for all through innovative, sustainable, and healthy food solutions.