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Start-up mentoring.

With our start-up mentoring, we support you and your start-up on your way. Our experts in the relevant fields, such as upscaling, financing, go-to-market, brand strategies or product development are at your side from concept to proof-of-concept and support you with their expertise in bi-weekly sessions.

How can I benefit from the start-up mentoring?

Realizing a vision is rarely easy and requires a wide range of skills and experience. Be it support in the start-up phase, the fine-tuning for the leap to the next level or guidance on the way to retail. The KitchenTown mentors are happy to accompany you in topics such as upscaling, financing, go-to-market, brand strategies or product development.
In bi-weekly sessions you will meet with your mentor, tackle current problems and work out efficient strategies that will push you and your start-up forward. To stay on top of things, we'll create one of our individual roadmaps to keep you on track while documenting progress.


Bi-weekly expert session

Meet your mentor twice a month and team up with him to face and solve your current challenges.



Stay ahead of things with our individually created roadmap.


Community Network

Connect with like-minded entrepreneurs and visionaries of the new-food scene.


Meet the retail

Get the chance to be a part of our "meet the retail" events and pitch your product directly to the retail decision makers.


partner network

Use our job & co-founder board to recruit new team members or co-founders for your start-up.


Member only Events

Get access to our member only events. We are offering several "expert hours", "community sessions" and speaker events with external experts in the food scene.


Are you ready to level up and tackle your current challenges?

  • Start-up mentoring.

    Bi-weekly personal consultation sessions

    Almighty Trello board

    KitchenTown Slack channel


    Round tables

    Expert hour events

    Test n’ taste

    Chance to be a a part of our "Meet the retail"

    Job & co-founder board

    Partner network

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Start-up mentoring.

  • Bi-weekly personal consultation sessions

  • Almighty Trello board

  • KitchenTown Slack channel

  • Meet-ups

  • Round tables

  • Expert hour events

  • Test n’ taste

  • Chance to be a a part of our "Meet the retail"

  • Job & co-founder board

  • Partner network

Start-up Mentoring Cases.

The easiest way to learn more about our start-up mentoring is to look at a few successful examples. Here you can find a selection of different start-up mentorings we did in the past.


Talmond Foods

Elie came to us with the idea to develop a milk made from tropical almonds for the alternative dairy market in Ghana: talmondfoods. Tropical Almond, (terminalia catappa) is a wide spread, but not widely used food, that Elie used to eat in her childhood directly from the trees.
We supported her in the recipe development to find a final and stable solution – especially because this highly nutritious nut should be in the milk – and not filtered off. Elie and her co-founder decided to build their own production to even support others and keep the supply chain local. Setting up production, finding the right machinery and creating a hygienic concept were our following tasks, that we worked on closely. The production is set, products are on shelf and talmondfoods is starting to grow with new products and in more markets.



Vitalute already had some of their products in store when they joined KitchenTown. To get better conditions and higher quality ingredients we supported finding other suppliers for their products. Whilst also creating new products in in their portfolio we supported with declaration issues for the new products. Vitalute was our first member in the product development focused mentoring membership .


Pure Dough

Pure Dough is working on the challenge to create a completely new product category in the field of baked goods and "convenient snacking". They create a product world that brings the highest quality craftsmanship home to you. Pure Doughs head of product development brings in a lot of experience as a baker and business women. Still some support from the technical side is needed to bring all this great products shelf stable to you. Therefore we support Pure Dough in stability and shelf life test. With our partner Multivac we can offer the option to test MAP-Packaging in KitchenTown to create a clean label product. Part of this is researching all options in clean label bakery ingredients to finalize a not staling shelf stable recipe, testing varieties of packaging options to find the most sustainable version. Parallel to finalizing the first product range we supported in finding a co- manufacturer that can check all boxes from the recipe and process side to perfect packaging, so we are set to get into the market with the first product range soon. To finalize the recipes regarding taste Pure Dough will be part in our Taste’n’Test event to get more consumer feedback.



Esra and Melissa from Tomato are working on a ready meal delivery service with superior taste and sustainable packaging. KitchenTown supports the team in the areas of menu creation by conducting a competitor analysis and conducting tastings via focus groups. Apart from that we are assisting with a unit economics analysis to calculate the optimal sales price. As a next step we will assist by helping to find the right suppliers and production partners.



We supported Larissa from Lovebites in our Mentoring Membership from the idea and prototyping to a scalable product. This contained a lot of prototyping, product development and sampling in our development kitchen here at KitchenTown. Now Lovebites is starting to produce their vegan half-baked cookies. We did the test production at the co-manufacturer together. We supported with the correct declaration, had reviews on their go-to-market strategy and reviewed her pitch deck. We are so excited to give Lovebites the chance to present their products to our retail partners soon. We, as mentors from KitchenTown, are not only focused on product development and upscaling. We are also always interested in giving advise, have a second look on relevant and the forgotten topics, discuss issues and help the founders at staying focused on the right things at the right time. We are connecting Lovebites to investors soon, to proof the world that the best cookies doesn't need any ingredients from animal origin.

Start-up mentoring Members.