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We expand your team with food technologist expertise and know-how. Right from the start – when you need it.

Get a joker on board.

We develop prototypes & ready-to-use products for you.You have a brilliant idea or a novel ingredient and need help to turn it into a ready-to-use and exciting food product? Get our experts on board and benefit from hands-on solutions and our focus on developing scalable food applications.
We offer customized support in the development of your food innovations. Our food technologists extend your team and work up to 8 hours per week on developing your food innovation and solving current problems.

CO-Development with passion.

Accelerate your launch process

Let us take care of building your innovative food product, by flexibly outsourcing specific parts of the development process. 


Benefit from our given infrastructure. No need to set up a product development area and development workflow yourself.


Our experts become your team members and share their findings transparently with you and your team.


Everyone working in our team is passionate about food innovation. We love to get things going – and even better – to get things done.

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Access to ourNetwork

Be it a hot new food innovation start-up, or major food companies. We know the relevant people in the business and are happy to connect you.

KitchenTown Berlin_Verena Fein – Head of Innovation

Linda DingFood Technologist

Disruptive technologies and novel ingredients are evolving the food industry faster than ever. For me as a food technologist, I see now as the most exciting time to support impact-driven companies in their challenges and to develop innovative food products.

Linda Ding – Food Technologist


KitchenTown Innovation Process

Our Rental Spaces

An important part of our work with start-ups is providing needed spaces and areas that enable productive and effective work. Founders do not have to worry about facility and service issues with us, but can devote themselves fully to their work and the realization of their vision. 

KitchenTown Berlin_Innovation Sprints

Our Corporate Partnerships

Our network brings start-ups and corporates to the table and enables meaningful collaborations. Be it as a potential investment in an early stage food innovation or as a potential future customer.